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a) -- The State Council Information Office▓ of the People's Republic of C

hina published a r▓eport titled "Human Rights Record of the Unite▓d States in 2015" on Thursday.Following is the f▓ull text of the report:Human Rights Record of the United States in ▓2015State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of ChinaApril 2016Forew

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ordOn April 13 local time, the State Department of▓ the United States released its country reports on human rights practices. It m▓ade comments on the human rights situation in many countries once again while being ti▓ght

-lipped about its own terrible human ▓rights record and showing not a bit of i▓ntention to reflect on it. In 2015, the United States saw no improvement in its existent human rights issues, but

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reporte▓d numerous new problems. Since the U.S. govern▓ment refuses to hold up a mirror to look at i▓tself, it has to be done with othe▓r people's help.The following facts about the U.S. human ri

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ghts situ▓ation in 2015 are supported by irrefutable records.-- The use of guns was out of control in the United States,▓ which severely threatened citizens'▓ right of life. The frequen

t occ▓urrence of shooting incidents was the deepest impression left to the world concerning the United States in 2015. There were a total of 51,675 gun violence incidents in the United States in 2015 as▓ of December 28, leaving 13,136 killed and 26,493 injured

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  • shington Post website reported that Deven Guilford, an unarmed 17-year-old male, was shot seven ti▓mes by police on a street in Roxand Township▓, Michigan, during
  • an altercation with a police officer.On the same day, the website reported that Thomas Allen, an unarmed 34-year-old black man, was s
  • hot by police in St Louis, Missouri, during an altercation w▓ith a police officer.Please scan the QR Code t▓o follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on
  • WechatThe State▓ Council Information Office of the People's Repub▓lic of China published a report titled "Human Rights R
  • ecord of the United States in 2015" on Thursday.Full text: Human Rights Record of the United States in 2015Human Rights Record United States State Council Informati▓on Office guns p

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tizens' personal security▓ could not be guaranteed with the excessive▓ use of violence by police. Police shot dead 965 people last yea▓r as of December 24, and the abuse of power by▓ the police did not result in discipline. "Justice for Freddie" protests were staged

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ltimore, demonstrators in Chicago took to the street to demand justice in the death of Laquan MacDonald, and protesters in Minneapolis camped outside a police precinct after Jamar Clark was shot dead by police.-- The prison system in the Uni▓ted States was pl

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